We can easily block a particular user from receiving review request emails —

On the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to People -> Segment -> Create Segment

Choose ‘User Type’ as Event, ‘Equal’ as Operator and ‘Customer’ as Value.

Click ‘+’ Symbol on the right side.

Choose ‘Email address’ as Event, ‘Not Equal’ as Operator and the specific customer’s email ID for whom you need to block from receiving review request emails.

Click Search. In the list that appears below, email IDs of all customers will be listed excluding the searched email which needs to be blacklisted.

You can save the segment with appropriate name.

Now, go to Reviews & QA -> Tools and choose ‘Mail After Shipment’.

Click ‘+’ on the top-right corner.

Choose ‘Segment users’ under ‘Select user type’.

Select the newly created segment from the list and click ‘Save’.

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