What is Customer Photo Gallery?

A customer Photo Gallery is a collection of picture reviews of the product on a website. These galleries can increase the credibility of your products and improve potential customers’ trust. Photo carousels and galleries can be placed anywhere on the website using BayReviews.

Advantages of Customer Photo Gallery/Carousel

  • Improves customer's trust in a product after viewing picture reviews

  • Influences the customers to buy the product

  • User-generated reviews increase conversion rates

  • Reduces abandoned cart rates

Steps to create a photo gallery or carousal using BayReviews

STEP 1: Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by clicking on the URL https://app.targetbay.com/

STEP 2: Enter your credentials and login into your account. New users can sign up for an account by pressing the sign-up button in the top right corner.

STEP 3: After logging into your account, select the option Reviews & QA from the dashboard page and then click on Features

STEP 4: Scroll down to find the review tool Customer Photo Gallery

STEP 5: Press Create New to generate a customer photo gallery or carousel

STEP 6: Provide a Widget Name which will be the title of your photo gallery or carousel

Customize your widget settings by following the steps below

A. Choose a suitable Widget Type.

A photo gallery is a widget where the images keep coming while scrolling down. Here’s an example of how a photo gallery appears on a website.

A Photo Carousel is a group of picture reviews arranged using a carousel slider. Customers can swipe left or right to view all the picture slides. Here’s an example of how a photo carousel appears on a website.

B: Select the type of Pagination. Limited Pagination will show only limited images on the website. Infinite Scroll will show all the uploaded images on the website.

C: Call to Action enables the users to perform an action after viewing a particular product. The Button Text can be customized based on your needs.

An example to show you how a CTA button appears on a website

If you want to redirect to another dedicated page, include the page URL and turn on the include link button. This will take your users to a particular page if they click any CTA button.

If there’s no dedicated page to be redirected to, then turn off the link so that the CTA button takes the customers to the required product page.

Once you are done with the widget settings, press save and next to enhance the look and feel of the photo gallery or carousel.

STEP 7: Customize your widget settings by changing the font size, background color, and button style.

STEP 8: Copy the link of your photo gallery or carousal and paste it on your website. Press publish button to activate your photo gallery or carousel on your website.

This new feature on BayReviews is flexible to edit anytime. If you need technical support from our team, reach out to support@targetbay.com.

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