Audience page helps you to provide a complete overview of all the users available in your system. This helps you to manage your users, understand the total subscriptions, unsubscriptions. It also provides important insights about your clients’ geographic locations, engagement rate of emails that are sent. This feature is extremely powerful as it provides a whole picture of your entire list of users in the system.

Key Benefits of this feature:

  • Identify the total number of users and the total number of subscribers
  • Provides a clear picture about the performance of your popups, landing pages etc. which generate new leads
  • Total unsubscribed users provide an idea about the percentage of users who are not interested in receiving marketing emails. Hence, it provides insights to segment customers and send better emails to target the right set of customers
  • Understand more about the location of customers and target them in the right manner
  • Engagement rate helps you to understand the overall engagement of users with your marketing emails

View Audiences:

This customer has a total of 21,158 users. Out of them, 15,427 are subscribers. When you click the total number of users, it will take you to the customer profile page listing all the users present. In case, if you click subscribers, it will take you to the subscriber page where all the subscribers are listed in a single page.

View Audiences in the last 30 days:

In this place, you can see the total number of new users that have been added in the last 30 days. There is also a split between the total number of subscribers and the total number of unsubscribed users. You can identify the reasons for unsubscription and take precautionary measures to increase the total number of subscribed users.


You can also see customers segmented based on cities. Count is displayed which tells you the total number of users from each city. It is also mentioned as a percentage. City user count gives an idea of where the majority of your audiences reside. Users can also be segmented based on their city to send targeted campaigns.

Engagement Rate:

Engagement rate provides statistics about your average open rate and your average click through rate. Campaigns are also listed based on performance. Top performing and least performing campaigns are listed and sorted based on open rate, click through rate and sales value. This helps you to understand campaigns that are efficient. Using this, future campaigns can be created and sent in a better manner.

Manage Audiences:

Manage Audience button is used to move towards other pages in audience such as lists, segments and dynamic lists. To know more about dynamic lists, click here.

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