offers loyalty reward programs for your customers. It rewards customers based on different event actions in website like purchase, referral, account registration, reviews, social shares and more. It primarily offers 3 different programs - loyalty points program, referral program and VIP program.

With integration, TargetBay helps you to add reward points to customers for reviews posted by them.

Key Benefits of this Feature:

  1. With integration, you can reward customers who write reviews

  2. Reward loyal customers who write reviews

  3. Encourage users to provide feedback about your site and the products purchased

  4. Build a brand name by earning the trust of your customers

  5. Improve customer retention and customer lifetime value

Goto Reviews & QA---> Settings--->

In Settings, click Keys:

You have to establish connection with To achieve that, enter’s API key in the space below. After that, you have to add activity token specific to reviews. 

In settings, there is an option to add points based on specific reviews. How do you get activity token?

Add Points on:

Product Reviews:

If you select product reviews, then reward points will be added to users who write product reviews.

Site Reviews:

If you select site reviews, then reward points will be added only for users writing site reviews. For product reviews, there are no reward points.


If you select ‘All’, then reward points will be added for both product reviews and site reviews.

When do you want to add points?

There are two options here. You can add points whenever a user submits a reviews. Otherwise, you can add points only when the review is approved by you.

Note: The user has to be a registered user with a user account. Otherwise, points will not be added.

How do you find activity token in

In your e-commerce store (Shopify, BigCommerce etc.), goto apps.


In, click ‘Settings’ → ‘Developer Tools’

In Settings, click ‘Developer Tools’.

In ‘Developer Tools/ select the option ‘Write a review’. Under this, there is an activity key. You can copy this and paste it in TargetBay’s settings.

Once you enter all these details, you can click the ‘Save’ button. You will get a message stating that ‘Your integration is successful’.

How do points get added to a user?

When a registered user writes a review in TargetBay widget, it is added and available in TargetBay’s review moderation page.

If you have selected the option ‘review submitted’, then the points will be added straight after review submission by the customer.

In, select the option Program ---> Points ---> Write a review.

Enable points. After enabling points, click the Points tab to move to the next step.

In ‘Write a review’, select the number of points to be awarded to the user.

Once you add points, status has to be kept as ‘Active’.

Whenever a user writes or submits a review, a point is earned by the user. Once it is added to a user, an email is sent to the user with the subject line 

‘You’ve earned 1 point’.

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