Visitors and customers subscribe for newsletters to obtain regular updates. Once they subscribe, you can start sending emails to them. If customers are not interested in receiving emails, they would like to unsubscribe anytime from your mailing list. Hence, it is mandatory to add an unsubscribe link in your emails for customers to unsubscribe. By default, TargetBay templates have an unsubscribe link in the footer. If you want to add it to your emails, there are multiple ways to achieve that in TargetBay.

To understand more about how unsubscribe link works, click here.

While creating a template or a campaign, you can add a text widget to your template. This text widget is on the left side on ‘Content’ part. Whenever it is added, a text widget will appear on the template.

Once the text widget is selected, an editor will open up on the left side. Using this editor, you can add an unsubscribe link.

In the editor, select the text that you want to create a hyperlink for unsubscribe.

Select  Content.

Select Tools ---> Unsubscribe Link  

Once the ‘Unsubscribe Link’ is selected, the link gets populated. When it is clicked, customer is directed to unsubscribe page and other processes follow.

Another way to add an unsubscribe link is through source code via HTML. In template editor, there is an option called ‘HTML Code’ within General widgets. This can be used to add unsubscribe link through source code.

In template editor,

Click General ---> HTML Code

Drag ‘HTML Code’ widget into the template.

Select the widget. This widget will open up an editor on the left side. On the left side, you can add the following code.

<a href="*|UNSUBSCRIBE|*">Unsubscribe from this list.</a>

“*|UNSUBSCRIBE|*” is the tag that is used in TargetBay for unsubscription link. You can change the content ‘Unsubscribe from this list’ to match your requirements to display that as a hyperlink on your email.

Once this code is pasted on the left hand side inside editor, link is created on the right side within the email template. You can check the preview below to find out how the link is displayed on your template.


Another way to add the unsubscribe link is through the paste code option while creating templates. 

Goto Templates→ Create Template → Paste in Code

Click Create Template.

In ‘Create Template’,

Click ‘Paste in Code’ option.

Once “Paste in Code” option is selected, add a template name and a subject line.

In editor, you can add unsubscribe link through custom code.

On the right hand side, there is a HTML Editor. Add your custom code within this template editor.

Add the following code:

<a href="*|UNSUBSCRIBE|*">Unsubscribe from this list.</a>

Once the code is added, the hyperlink will be generated and seen on the left hand side. This creates your unsubscription link.

To understand more about how unsubscribe link works, click here.

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