Review Moderation helps you to manage reviews collected from your customers. You can approve/un-approve reviews or reply to your customer posted the review, and it includes both site and product reviews. It also helps you to engage with your customers privately through a private email to the customers who posted reviews.

How to manage reviews posted by the customer?

  1. Log into TargetBay’s app store by entering the correct credentials.                       (To access TargetBay’s app store

  2. On the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to “Reviews & QA” on the menu bar and select the “Product Reviews or Site Reviews” option from the drop-down as applicable. 


When new reviews arrive, the notification will be shown at the top of the reviews tab. For example, in the above image, this customer has one product review and one site review pending for approval. Hence, there is a notification with a numeric “1” on top of it.

The review moderation page is designed in a way that the reviews & QA are available on the same page.


One can filter the reviews based on ratings, posted period, and using advance filter options. 

Ratings: The reviews can be filtered based on ratings. For example, To filter and view reviews that are five stars rated, you can do so by selecting the ‘Five-star’ check-box in the “Star Ratings Filter.” Also, the reviews can be filtered based on the time frame it ‘s been posted. 

Advanced Filters: One can also filter the reviews based on these options below: 

  • Verified buyer: You can filter reviews posted by a verified buyer. A verified buyer is the one who places an order and writes a review using the same email address.

  • Picture Reviews: You can filter the review contains a picture on it. 

Note: The size of the picture posted on the review should be equal to or less than 5 MB. 

  • Pending to be commented on: This filters reviews that don’t have any reply comments.

  • Pending to be pushed to social: This filter helps you to filter reviews that are not yet pushed as a Facebook post. A product review can be published to Facebook as a post. Posting a review on a social media platform is extremely helpful to bring socially active users to your e-commerce shop, which in turn generates more traffic to your site through our reviews. 

Note: Only the product reviews can be posted to the social media platform. 

Search Tab:

Using the search tab, one can search for reviews by review title, review content, product name, or the email ID of the user. 

Review Status: 

A review posted by the customer can be found under: 

  • New Reviews

  • Approved

  • Unapproved 

  • All Reviews

New Reviews: This tab displays all the reviews that have been posted recently and are waiting for approval. You can “Publish” or “Un Publish,” a review that to be displayed on your site. You can also leave a comment by hitting on the toggle button “Comments” under the review.

Note: You can write a comment and select the option “Public” and hit “Reply and Approve to Website” to publish a comment on your website or else you can select the option “Private” and hit “Reply to Customer” to reply privately. 

If the official Facebook account been linked to the TargetBay account, you can hit the option “Share” (with a FB symbol) at your top right-hand side of the review to push the review to Facebook as a post. 

To know more about linking official Facebook to the TargetBay Click Here.

Note: Attributes of a review can be found to the left side of the posted review. 

Approved: This tab displays all the approved reviews. Approved reviews are published on your website. This enhances your product branding and helps you to convert more visitors into customers. 

Unapproved: This tab displays all the unapproved reviews. This tab helps you to identify reviews that have not been approved and an option to “Publish” back to your website.

All Reviews: This tab displays all the approved and unapproved reviews. 

Products Tab: 

This tab displays all the products with data on the total number of reviews collected for each product. It also shows approved and unapproved reviews against each product. This tab is beneficial in identifying reviews associated with each product.

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