Review Moderation helps you to manage all the reviews and questions collected from your customers. You can approve/unapprove reviews or reply back to your customers posting reviews. It also helps you to engage with your customers privately through a private email to the customers who posted reviews.

Key Benefits of this Feature:

  1. Manage your product reviews, site reviews, Q&A in a single page
  2. Filter reviews based on ratings, status etc. and view them in a filtered manner
  3. Approve the right reviews and display them on your website. Unapprove duplicate reviews to avoid redundancy
  4. Respond back to your customers for the reviews. By doing this, you can directly engage with your customers and build further loyalty
  5. Moderate reviews and choose reviews that you want to appear on your gallery
  6. Social push helps you to post reviews on facebook. This helps you to bring more traffic into your site

How to get into Manage Reviews Page?

In dashboard, click Reviews & QA ---> Product Reviews 


Click Reviews & QA ---> Site Reviews


Click Reviews & QA ---> Q&A 

When there are reviews pending to be approved, it will be shown as a notification at the top of reviews tab. For example, this customer has one site review pending for approval. Hence, there is a notification with a numeric 1 on top of it.

In this review moderation page, all the reviews & QA are available in a single location. 


You can filter your reviews based on ratings. For example, if you want to filter and view reviews that are 1 star rated, you can do so by selecting the ‘one star’ check-box in the star ratings filter.

To filter reviews that have been posted on a specific date or a week, you can do so by using the date filter.

You can also filter reviews based on buyer status. If the buyer is a verified buyer, you can segment them and filter them to show reviews that have been posted only by verified buyers. Similarly, you can filter reviews with pictures using the picture reviews checkbox.

Pending to be commented on:

This filters reviews that don’t have any reply comments.

Pending to be pushed to social:

Social push helps you to publish your reviews to facebook as a post. This helps you to generate more traffic to your site through our reviews. This is extremely helpful to bring socially active users to your ecommerce shop. This filter helps you to filter reviews that are not yet pushed as a facebook post.

To know more about this, click here.

Search Tab:

This search tab helps you to search reviews. You can search reviews by review title, review content, product name or the email ID of the user.

Review Status:

Reviews posted by customers have the following statuses.

New Reviews



All Reviews

New Reviews:

This tab displays all the reviews that have been posted recently and are waiting for approval. You can select reviews that you want to be displayed on your site and then approve/publish them.


This tab displays all the reviews that have been approved. Approved reviews are published to your website. This enhances your product branding and helps you to convert more visitors into customers. 


This tab displays all the reviews that have been unapproved. This helps you to identify reviews that have not been approved. You can delete reviews that you don’t want to be displayed on your site. Similarly, you can also skip some reviews by retaining them in ‘unapproved’ tab.

How to manage and approve reviews?

Add Comments -

In reviews, there is a toggle button ‘comments’. Once it is enabled, you can post a  reply and publish this review. 


You can also publish this review using the ‘Publish’ button without any comments.

Reply to Customer:

In the comments section, there are two options - public and private. 


With public, your review will be posted publicly using the ‘Publish’ button. 

Reply to Customer and Don’t Publish:

If you want to send a reply back to the customer, you can do so by clicking the ‘Reply to Customer’ button. This will add a comment and send a private reply to the   customer.

With ‘reply to customer’, your comment will be successfully sent to customer. A notification will appear stating ‘‘Comment posted successfully.’

Reply to Customer and Publish:

This will send a reply back to the customer and will also publish review on your site along with the reply.

Once your review and comment are posted successfully on your site, a popup will appear with the notification ‘Comment posted and review approved successfully.’

Private Handling of Reviews:

With private button, you can send replies back to customers in private mode.

Private - Reply to Customer:

With ‘Reply to Customer’ in private tab, your reply will be sent to a customer in private mode. This reply will not be posted on your website. With this option, reply will be sent but review will not be approved and posted on your website. It still remains on your unapproved tab.

Private - Reply and Approve to Website:

With this option, a reply is privately sent to your customer and the review gets posted on your website. Reply will not be posted on your website.

Once it is successful, a popup will open up with the status ‘Comment posted and review approved successfully.’

Products Page:

In Products tab, all your products will be listed with data on the total number of reviews available for each product. This is also split based on the approved and unapproved reviews. This is shown on the Products Tab. This is extremely helpful to identify reviews associated with each product.


Q&A section contains all the questions that have been posted by visitors and customers. Based on your answers, customer queries will be answered. Once a customer gets clarity, he will start purchasing your product. Hence, responding to questions is as important as approving reviews. Companies with a better Q&A section tend to convert more customers and hence, it leads to more orders/sales.

Q&A section has a separate tab. In this section, all the questions are available. Like reviews, you have all the questions segmented into four tabs.

New Questions




‘Publish’ button will publish the question without any answers. To answer a question, you can use the button ‘Write an answer’. Once a question is published, it will be moved to “Approved” tab. In this, you can write an answer later as well and publish it on your site.

In ‘write an answer’, there are two options - reply to customer, reply and approve website

Reply to Customer:

This option sends a private reply to your customer. This doesn’t publish the question in your website. When you publish this question to your website in future, this private reply will not be published. You can edit this answer later and convert that into ‘Public’ reply.

Once a reply is added, you can edit that using the edit icon. Similarly, you can also delete an answer using the ‘Delete’ icon.

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