Subscription Form - Help Document

Visitors and customers subscribe for newsletters to obtain regular updates. TargetBay offers a subscription form to be added to your home page. You can enable this option to get new email IDs of new visitors.

Key Benefits of this Feature:

  1. Grow your subscriber base in a friendly manner with a simple subscription form
  2. Convert visitor traffic to shoppers through promotional emails and marketing campaigns
  3. Increase conversion rate and convert a lot of prospects into actual customers
  4. Increase sales leads/marketing leads which lead to an increased engagement rate
  5. Improve brand awareness by reaching out to more number of subscribers who join your mailing list

Step 1 - Open Subscription Form

Goto Account Settings---> Tools---> Subscription Form

This option enables you to create a subscription form which can be embedded into your website as an embedded form. You can collect emails from customers for subscription, newsletters, event notification etc.

Step 2 - Select Code

Inside subscription form, there is a default layout available for email newsletter subscription. This helps you to collect emails from visitors. These emails can be updated in your dynamic email lists and can be used to expand your subscriber base. This ensures that your lists keep getting updated with new subscribers as they also receive campaigns, newsletters, event related information etc. To know more about dynamic lists, click here.

You can copy the code mentioned above and paste it on your site. This gives you a flexible option to display the subscription form anywhere in your webpage.

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