Email Campaigns help you to engage with your existing audiences. They also deliver targeted messages to users who are likely to make a purchase on your emails. Hence, there is an increase in revenues and a huge return on investment through email campaigns. To know more about TargetBay email campaigns, please click here

Though there are a lot of benefits through email campaigns, there are some disadvantages too. Campaigns are regularly created to market new offerings, engage with your customer base. When campaigns are sent to users, some of them may not be interested in receiving regular email updates. Hence, they might want to unsubscribe from receiving emails. When that happens, your email lists start shrinking. Target audiences tend to get reduced. Hence, it is always advisable to segment customers based on their usage and send relevant content. This helps you in reducing the number of users unsubscribing from your list.

Though subscriber count goes down through email campaigns, there are other areas where you get new subscribers. This results in an increase in your total number of subscribers. Here are different places where you get new customers.

  1. Signup

E-commerce websites receive a lot of new visitors daily. While some visitors check the products and leave the site, there are others who will be interested in signing up with an account. Hence, you get a lot of new sign ups everyday from your current set of visitors. This data is captured in TargetBay as users with signed accounts. These users can be added to your existing lists dynamically.

2. Pop-ups

Pop-ups play a vital role in obtaining more number of users. You can generate new email subscribers with pop-ups that are intelligently placed at the right time. TargetBay provides different types of popups like 

Welcome Popups 

Abandoned Cart Popups

Exit Popups

Browse Abandonment Popups

Behavioral Popups

To know more about TargetBay popups and enroll for it, please click here. To talk to our e-commerce experts to understand the benefits of popups, you can schedule a meeting.

3. Guest Orders

Some visitors would be interested in placing purchase orders but they may not prefer to create a new account. These visitors buy products as guests. To complete checkout and receive order confirmation, they enter email address in the details section. These emails are available as part of the guest list. They can also be dynamically added to your existing list with subscribers.  

4. Reviews

Customers provide email addresses while submitting reviews. These email addresses can also be added dynamically to your lists. TargetBay offers e-commerce reviews as a separate product. This is extremely helpful as products with user generated reviews are trusted by users and it increases orders and sales. Shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. In addition to being an excellent marketing tool, customer reviews direct search engines to rank and showcase your website higher in search results. To know more about TargetBay reviews, click here.

5. Newsletters

Visitors and customers subscribe for newsletters to obtain regular updates. TargetBay offers a subscription form to be added to your home page. You can enable this option to get new email IDs of new visitors. To know more about subscription form, click here.

To add these new subscribers and users to your list, you can use ‘Dynamic List’.

Dynamic Lists:

This feature helps you to add new subscribers to your existing email lists. This ensures that your email lists are updated with latest subscribers who have been added into your system. 

Key Benefits of Dynamic Lists:

  1. Dynamically update your email lists with growing subscriber base

  2. Increase traffic and improve the reach of your email campaigns by addressing them to a larger set of audiences

  3. Organically increase the number of subscribers, thereby, increase orders and sales through email campaigns

Click Emails ---> Audience

Click Audience ---> Dynamic Lists

In the ‘Select Lists’ section, add lists where you want to dynamically update subscribers. In the drop-down, you can select lists that are available in your system. All the selected lists will be available in the right side.

Selected lists are available on the right side.

Once you click the submit button, lists are updated successfully. In the above example, these two lists ‘Internal Campaign List’ and ‘Test_KJ’ are the lists that are updated all the time with new subscribers.

Once you submit lists for dynamic updates, you can go to audience.

Click Emails--->Audience---> Lists

Click Lists

In the above example, these two lists ‘InternalCampaignList’ and ‘test_KJ’ have been marked as dynamic lists and this is shown in the list whereas other lists are static. Hence,  you will see an increase in the number of emails in these lists. When email campaigns are sent to these lists, we consider all the new subscribers and send emails to them. If you want to add all the lists as dynamic lists, you can do so by selecting them all in the ‘Dynamic List’ feature. To know more about our email campaign, click here.

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