Review Carousel is a flexible widget that helps you to display reviews across different places within your site. This carousel is dynamic with regular updates to include new reviews that have been approved. You can display multiple reviews either horizontally or vertically through slider. It is ideal to showcase reviews using carousel and garner customer attention to increase sales. Create your own carousel and post user generated reviews on your site pages. Here is how it looks:


TargetBay provides separate widgets for home page, category pages and product pages. Review Carousel is used on other pages to increase visibility of user generated reviews, thereby increasing conversion rate.

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Helps you to increase conversion rate as customers tend to read reviews across key conversion points within your website

  2. Improve customer trust by display user feedback across different points of your buyer journey, thereby quickly converting them into customers

  3. Showcase top selling products and top rated products in an attractive  widget and educate customers that influence them to buy your products

  4. Star ratings and reviews are easily accessible and visible to customers and it keeps them hooked to your website

  5. Allows fresh user generated content to be displayed to your customers

  6. Customers can read multiple reviews as they can scroll left and right to view a lot of reviews and it keeps them engaged

  7. Adding review carousel in cart pages reduces abandoned cart rate

Create Review Carousel:

Go to Reviews&QA ---> Features---> Review Carousel

You can create a new carousel by clicking the ‘Create New’ option present in review carousel. All the created carousels are displayed in this page.

Save & Publish:

You can adjust the settings of your widget according to your requirements. 

Widget Title:

Add a title. This is displayed as part of your widget. To format the title, use the ‘Look & Feel’ option. 

You can change the text color, font type and size using this setting.



Through configuration, you can sort reviews either based on ratings or timeline. 

‘Top Rated’ helps you to display all the top rated reviews first whereas ‘Most Recent’ helps you to display the recently published reviews in your website. 

Review Type:

You can display either product reviews or site reviews. There is another option to display both product and site reviews. Reviews get sorted based on configuration and get displayed in your carousel to customers.

No of Reviews/Row:

You can choose the number of reviews to be displayed per row. This can be either 2 or 3. 



  1. Widget Title

Add a title for your carousel

      2.  Reviews per row

Set the number of reviews to be displayed per row

      3. Layout Type

Horizontal or Vertical Layouts

      4. Total Review Count

Display the total number of reviews

      5. Average Rating

Display the overall average rating based on customer feedback

      6. Link to dedicated review page

Provide a dedicated review page to read all the reviews

Layout Types:

There are two types of layouts - horizontal and vertical. You can choose the layout option using the layout settings available within general settings.

Horizontal Layout allows you to display reviews in a horizontal manner. Users can read more reviews by using the right and left arrow buttons to get other reviews on site.

Vertical Layout displays reviews in a vertical widget. Users can read more reviews by using the top and down arrow buttons to get other reviews on site.

Total Review Count & Average Ratings:

Enabling this option displays total review count and the average ratings based on all the reviews received and approved. This provides more authenticity and credibility to customers who are looking to make a purchase. This does influence the purchase decision of users who are interested to buy products from your e-commerce store.

Link Text:

All the reviews can be showcased together in a separate page. Mention the page URL and the link text to be displayed for this URL. For example, ‘See All Reviews’ in the image below acts as a link that goes to the URL ‘’ and this page contains all the reviews.

Save & Publish:

Once you click the ’Save & Publish’ button, this widget gets created. Once it is created, you can copy the code below and paste it in your web page source code. If it is successfully, review carousel gets displayed in your site pages. 

To enable this feature, talk to our e-commerce experts now: 

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