Email Campaign is an act of sending promotional emails to customers and prospects. It helps you to market your products and establish trust amongst your target audiences. It could be a single email or multiple emails that convey powerful marketing messages.

Key Benefits of this Feature:

  1. It is a cost effective method to promote your products

  2. Increases conversion rate and helps you to convert a lot of prospects into actual customers

  3. When you create high quality email messages with CTAs, it brings a lot of traffic to your site

  4. Email Campaigns help you to create brand awareness and brand recall

  5. Track the performance of your emails easily with our dashboard and come up with better campaigns in the future

Step 1 - Create Campaign:

Goto Emails---> Create Campaign OR Emails---> Campaigns ---> Create Campaign

This option enables you to create new Campaigns. You can add a name to this campaign. By default, an email template is used. During campaign creation, we provide an option to choose templates.

Step 2 - Choose email template:

Within email template, there are multiple templates to choose from. Design varies for different templates. Some templates start with a title and a logo while others provide options to choose multiple instead in a single line.

Besides, there is also an option to create your own template using the following option ‘Code your Own.’

Step 3 - Select Target Audience:

After choosing your template, select your target audience. You can select a segment of users. Otherwise, you can add individual users with their email IDs. To launch a public announcement, you can choose all the available users and send this email to everyone.


You can edit your display name according to your requirements. 

Subject and Preview Text:

Similarly, you can edit your subject line and your preview text to be displayed in your campaign.

Step 4 - Edit Content:

After completing the basic requirements, content page is opened. In this page,  you can design your email along with display images. We have an editor which can be used to make format chances to your content. To understand more about email editor, click here.

Step 5 - Schedule Campaign:

Once your email is completed, you can schedule your campaign according to your required timeline. You can send it immediately. Otherwise, you can set a specific date and time to trigger your campaign.

Once your email is scheduled, you can continue to monitor the progress of your campaign.


We track your campaign in detail.

Sent: This gives you the total bummer of emails sent.

Open Rate: Open rate is the percentage of emails opened by targeted audiences

Clicks: Clickthrough rate gives you the total number of clicks on CTAs.

Conversion: Conversion rate provides the total number of converted customers from your targeted audiences

Sales: This is the total amount of sales that happened through this email campaign

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