How can you hide your customer name in published reviews?

Approved customer reviews are published in your website. While site reviews are published on your home page, product reviews are published on your home page as well as product pages. Reviews are verified and they have a ‘Verified Purchase’ tag whenever it is written by authentic customers.

Some customers may not want their name to be displayed in your e-commerce site. These reviews are going to convert more sales. Hence, it is extremely important to display reviews on your site. To avoid displaying customer names in detail, we have a solution.

Key Benefits of this Feature:

  1. Helps you to collect more reviews from customers who do not wish to display their names on your site

  2. Increases the number of reviews, thereby, increasing traffic and sales

  3. Helps you to protect your customers from creating public data footprints to track them

  4. Display lengthy customer names in a short way through initials, thereby, reducing space in your review widget

Step 1 - Select Settings  :

Goto top right and select settings.


Step 2 - Select Reviews:

For site reviews, select Reviews ---> Site Review Widget

For product reviews, select Reviews--->Product Review Widget

Then select ‘Review Name Settings’.

Within review settings, there are 3 different options.

  1. Display full name:

When you select this option, you can display the full name of your customers. First name and last name of your customer will be displayed in full

2. Display first name and first letter of last name

With this option, you can display the first name of your customer. Last name will not be displayed in full. Instead, only the first letter will be displayed. For example, if the customer name is ‘Ryan Smith’, it will be displayed as ‘Ryan S’.

3. Display initials of first name and last name

This option helps you to display the initials of first and last names of your customer. For example, if the customer name is ‘Ryan Smith’, then it will be displayed as ‘RS’ in your review display widget. This ensures that your customer’s privacy is maintained.

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