A product group is a bunch of related products with common attributes and features. This helps you to display reviews across all products within the same group. For example, you have a red colored medium sized water bottle in your product portfolio and it has 33 reviews. When you launch a similar product which is a blue colored large sized water bottle, you can display the 33 reviews on this new product. This helps you to attract customers for a new variant of your existing product.


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Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Helps you to launch new products into the group and display reviews for them straight away. This generates sale of new products

  2. if a customer is interested in purchasing a product, product grouping provides more insights and helps him to come up with a better decision

  3. Products within the group get more attention from potential customers. Hence, they might purchase additional products

  4. Benefits of product reviews increase multifold when they get displayed across similar product review widgets


  1. Create product group

  2. List/Edit/Delete product Grouping

  3. Add/ Remove the products from the Grouping

  4. Reviews of all the grouped products are aggregated and displayed together across all the product pages

Product Group in Reviews:

To utilize this feature, you need to create new product groups. When a product group is created, you can assign multiple products to this group. Product Grouping is part of review features.

Goto Reviews&QA ---> Features---> Product Grouping

List Groups:

Product Grouping page lists all the product groups that have been created before. It also contains a list of all the products that have been categorized into a group. 

1. Create Product Group:

Within Product Groups, there is a button to create new groups. Click this button to move to the next page and create a new group. You can then add products into this group.

    Group Name:

    Create a unique name for a product group. Always come up with names that help        you to categorize the group. This ensures that you can easily identify the groups.          For example, you can name a group with multiple T-Shirts from Nike Brand as ‘Nike      T-Shirts’.

    Add Products:

    After the Group Name, you can search for your products through the ‘Add Product’      widget. Once a product is selected, it is moved to the right and is added to your            product group. You can add multiple products to your product group. You can also        remove products after adding them.

One product can be added to multiple groups. We don’t have any restriction on having a product within only one group. When a product is part of multiple groups, we collate reviews from all groups and display them for this particular product.

2. Edit Group:

Edit Group option is available in Product Group listing page. Using this, you can edit your group by making changes to group name and to products within your group. You can either add or remove products from your group. Once a product is removed from a group, review widget will be updated accordingly.

3. Delete Group:

Delete Group is used to delete a group. Whenever a group is not required, you can delete them. Once a group is deleted, reviews shared across products will be removed and moved to individual products.

4. Review Display Widget:

For products within a group, product review widget collates all the reviews and displays them together.

Product Group - Mats

Sprite Yoga Companion Mat

1 review

PG Product 1

1 review

PG Product 2

3 reviews

If ‘PG Product 1’ was not part of ‘Product Group - Mats’, review widget would have displayed only one product. Since it is a part of this group, it has been collated with two others products - Sprite Yoga Companion Mat and PG Product 2. While PG Product 2 has 3 reviews, Sprite Yoga Companion Mat has 1 reviews. Hence, now the review widget has a total of 5 reviews. 

This increase in user generated content will automatically increase traffic, clicks and sales for the product ‘PG Product 1’. Hence, Product Grouping is an extremely important feature in maximizing the potential of reviews, thereby, increasing your sales without any extra effort.

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