An e-commerce customer’s journey has five different stages - awareness, consideration, acquisition, service and loyalty. In today’s social media driven market, Facebook plays a crucial role in creating brand awareness. It acts as a touch point to create more audiences for your products. 

These days, Facebook is more or less a standard  platform for promotion and advertising. It is an easy way to organically market your products without any additional cost. It reduces your customer acquisition cost. When a user likes or shares a review, it creates tremendous network effect as it is shared with his network of friends.

With Targetbay Facebook reviews, you can add a Reviews Tab on your Facebook page and allow your social followers to easily see what customers are writing about you on your website. Targetbay has a separate setting for Facebook Product Reviews Plugin.
With this, you can easily connect with your Facebook account and share your customer reviews in Facebook. Increase the exposure of your reviews and brand by connecting to your Facebook business page. 

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Increases brand visibility and helps you to interact with customers

  2. Connects you with billions of users and drives traffic to your site through high level of engagement (shares, likes and comments) liked by Facebook users

  3. Helps you to organically acquire new customers as users spend a lot of time everyday on Facebook

  4. Unique content always gets massive reach and engagement. This makes sure that customer reviews keep your Facebook page interesting for users to follow

  5. When a product is recommended by friends, it adds more credibility to your products

Connect with Facebook:

  1. Create Facebook Business Page:

Facebook provides an option to create a business account for your company. It is used to manage your Facebook pages and advertisements at a single place. It helps you to promote your brand, increase product visibility and build traffic to your site. To showcase reviews collected through TargetBay in Facebook, you must have a Facebook Business Account. To understand how to create a Facebook business account, please read the link below:


  1. Connect to Facebook Business Manager:

Once you have an active Facebook Business account, you can connect your Facebook page with TargetBay.

  1. Goto ---> Reviews & QA ---> Integrations---> Facebook Reviews Tab

  1. Click Facebook Reviews tab---> Login to Facebook and provide access to your Facebook account.

A popup will appear requesting your permission for TargetBay to post in Facebook on your behalf.

  1. Once access is allowed, you will get a ‘successful notification’ in your TargetBay dashboard. Your Facebook account is successfully connected to TargetBay app.

  1. Set up Tab in your Facebook Business Manager Account

Note: Facebook allows you to create a tab only when you have more than 2000 followers for your business page. This setup may not work when the follower count is less. In such cases, use ‘post to Facebook’ button to share reviews as Facebook posts.

Once your account is successfully connected, you need to set up a tab to showcase your reviews in your Facebook account. 

  1. Goto Reviews & QA ---> Integrations---> Facebook Reviews Tab---> Click ‘Setup Facebook Tab’

  2. All the business accounts are displayed there. Select an account associated with your business 

  3. Set up your account and complete the process

  4. All your reviews will be automatically uploaded into your Facebook page in a separate tab as testimonial

  1. Share Reviews as a separate post in Facebook

  1. Now, you are connected to the official page of TargetBay

  2. In the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to ‘Reviews & QA’ and click ‘Tools’

Choose any customer review which you would like to share and select ‘Push to Facebook’.

Once it is pushed, the review will be shared as a post in Facebook. This helps you to promote highlighted reviews in your account as a separate post. This has a higher chance of getting more views, likes as this can be easily shared with other Facebook users.

If you're on WooCommerce, you can collect more reviews and ratings for your store using TargetBay's WooCommerce reviews app.

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