Badge is a special indicative mark that separates and differentiates some products from others. Review badges act as stickers to seek extra attention to select products. They are a factor of excellence for a website and will speak of how satisfied your shoppers are.

These badges will promote people to purchase a product with confidence. These badges are dynamic and the numbers change automatically based on the number of reviews. Display and show off these badges to improve customer’s trust!

Badges differentiate best products that are most liked by customers. Hence, it influences shoppers and improves the performance of products. It also impacts traffic as it increases the number of visitors to a product page. This gives a clear picture about your customer expectations and it indicates the right products to spend on advertisement. 

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Customers trust badges as it creates positive impact and improves credibility on your site and your products

  2. Highlights your top selling products and provides quick information to customers

  3. Automatically increases traffic and boosts conversion as It becomes easy for customers to make a quick decision

  4. Increases order value as customers buy more products when they trust a website

Types of Badges:

TargetBay has 5 different badges. 

  1. Star - 20+ certified reviews provide you this badge. It means that you are getting noticed. Start taking full advantage of TargetBay's potential!

     2. Veteran - you are eligible for this badge when you have 50+ certified reviews. It suggests that you are growing! Notice an increase in customer engagement. Happy Selling!

     3. Master - Once you cross 100+ reviews, you become a master. Conversion and ranking come easy with so much user generated content on your eCommerce website.

     4. Champion - This badge is added when you cross 200+ certified reviews. Customers love you. Period! Connect to your social account to show off these badges!

     5. Unstoppable - When your review count is more than 500, this badge is bestowed upon you.


How To Embed Review Badges?

To embed review badges on your website-

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard and click Reviews & QA –> Features.

     2. Now swift to “Badges”. TargetBay displays the list of badges that you are eligible for based on the reviews collected and you can choose to embed it on your website.

     3. For example, if you see “20 Certified Reviews”, select the suitable size for the badge that you would like to embed on your website.

     4. Now copy the code that is displayed below and you paste it in your source code of your web page where you would like to embed the badge.

     5. Click “Save Changes” and the badge will be displayed in your website.

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