TargetBay never misses any chance to reach out to your customers. It’s technology makes sure that every product on your website gets reviewed. We make sure your customer receives a pop up just after their purchase by enabling ‘Order Comments’. 

When a shopper completes a purchase, he is likely to provide feedback about his experience or about the purchased product. A pop up initiates a call to action as it requests customers to provide comments and reviews about their purchase experience. This helps you to collect more reviews about your site and products.

Popups work when you display the right information at the right time. Your popup content must be eye catching and interesting. When an order is placed, a customer is accustomed with your site and products. Hence, there is a high chance of getting customer reviews at that point of time.


By default, order comments are enabled by TargetBay. If you don’t want to display order comment popup, you have to disable this through settings.

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Order comments help you to collect instant feedback from shoppers. Some of them could be extremely valuable

  2. With instant feedback, you can make changes to your site and products based on customer insights

  3. Improves customer engagement as it helps you to understand more about your customers through their inputs

  4. By requesting them for instant feedback, shoppers understand that you give a lot of importance to their inputs

  5. Increases the number of site reviews and product reviews which helps you to build your brand online. This results in an increase in sales

TargetBay collects reviews and feedback through order comments and review request emails. To learn about email reviews,  Click here.

Setup Order Comment

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.

  2. Now click ‘Reviews & QA’ on the top menu. Select ‘Features’.

    3. Click ‘Order Comments’.
     4. Enable Order Comments

     5. By default, a template will be shown. You can design the template as per your requirement using the general tools on the left.

Order Comments popup has five different sections - 

  1. Rating message

  2. Ratings

  3. Review Title

  4. Description

  5. Thanks Message

Rating Message - By default, we thank customers for shopping with you. Then    we request them to share their reasons for purchasing the product. This content is editable and you can make changes according to your requirement.

Ratings - Typically, ratings are obtained through stars. While five star is the highest point in the scale, one star is the lowest point in the scale

Review Title - Helps you to collect the review title from customers

Description - This area is provided to collect detailed information and feedback from customers

Thanks Message - Once a customer submits a review through order comment, a ‘Thanks’ message is displayed. This default message is editable and can be changed according to your requirements

  1. After finalising the template, click on the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner.

  1. Through this setting, you can change the background color and image for this popup

  2. Order comments can be obtained for either site reviews or product reviews. For physical goods, product will not get delivered immediately. Hence, site review option can be enabled to collect customer’s site experience

  3. In some cases, product reviews may be useful. For example, if it is a new product without any review or if the product doesn’t require physical delivery, then product review option can be selected

  1. Order comments popup will be triggered after the order is placed. Reviews collected through these pop-ups are shown in product or site review pages based on your selection.

  2. Preview - Once you complete all the necessary changes, preview button can be used to check how this order comment popup is displayed in website and mobile phones. You have to click the ‘Preview’ button to view this

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