Coupons provide discounts to customers on new purchases. Whenever coupons are enabled, they are sent to customers who write reviews. Drive more shoppers to your ecommerce store and leverage reviews and ratings to drive more sales. To understand more about coupon reminders, click here.

At times, customers defer using coupons to avail discounts. Since coupons typically have an expiry date, they cannot be used after the mentioned date. Hence, customers require reminders about unused coupons. TargetBay sends emails to remind customers about coupon expiry. This increases sales as customers prefer to purchase new products from your site before the coupon validity ends.


TargetBay doesn't generate coupons. You have to create coupons and add it to your account in TargetBay. Coupons can be static or dynamic.

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Reminder emails are extremely effective in nudging customers to make a purchase

  2. Customers tend to forget coupons that are available with them. A timely reminder mail before expiry ensures that customers are informed of their eligible discounts

  3. Helps you to increase sales from existing customers instead of spending on new customers

  4. Some customers require extra nudge. Reminder emails help you to connect with such customers

  5. A ‘shop now’ CTA helps your old customers to visit your website again, thereby increasing the number of visitors

To learn about how to add coupons? Click here.

Setup Review Coupon Reminders with expiry dates

Review Coupon Reminders feature is used to set an expiry date for the review coupons. You can send up to two reminder emails to customers.

  1. Login to TargetBay using your credentials.

  2. Go to Reviews & QA –>Features–>Review Coupon Reminders

  1. Click the “+” symbol on the top right corner of your email builder section.

  2. The default settings are given below.

  3. Select either “Set the date when coupons will expire” or “Number of days after which coupons will expire”. The coupon will expire on the date or the number of days specified.

  4. You can setup the reminder emails to follow up with the customers. The feature allows you to send upto two emails.

First Reminder Settings: Choose either of the following

Days after receiving the coupon – You can configure the number of days after which the reminder email will be sent out. The reminder email will include the coupon expiration date.

Days before expiration date – With this option, you can specify the date before which you want to send a reminder email before which the coupon expires.

Second Reminder Settings:

48 hours before expiration date – Create a sense of urgency and send a second reminder to the customer 48 hours before the expiry of the coupon

24 hours before expiration date – Create a sense of urgency and send a second reminder to the customer 24 hours before the expiry of the coupon

None – No reminder emails

If you are using WooCommerce, you can get free customer reviews from TargetBay's WooCommerce reviews app.

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