Once a customer approval is received, photos can be posted to website. ‘Publish’ button is used to upload these approved photos in your website. If you want to remove this photo from your website, you can use the ‘Unpublish’ button.

  1. Tag products to approved photos

Products can be tagged to these photos. This further increases visibility of individual products and leads to an increase in product sales. Under the ‘Request Permission’ option, there is a drop down with the title ‘Tag a Product’. Products are automatically available in this drop down. You can choose relevant products and tag them to the photo.

Here is an example. Product name search gives you the product and its displayed photo.

Once a product is tagged, it is shown inside the photo details. This instagram photo gets automatically displayed in your product page in your website.

Multiple Product Tagging:

TargetBay allows multiple product tagging. If you want an image to be tagged with multiple products, you can do so by selecting other products. All the tagged products get displayed over here. You can tag upto 3 products with a photo.

  1. Publish Instagram photos on your website

Once a product is approved by the customer, it is available for display on your website. When you press the ‘Publish’ button, the photo is uploaded into the homepage of your website. This provides more credibility and better reach as these are photos from real customers. Whenever a visitor clicks on an image, it is zoomed with a magnified image and instagram message written by the customer along with the photo. Besides, we have a ‘Shop Now’ button on top of the image. If the visitor is interested to know more details about the product, he can click this button to go to the product’s page.

Note: If multiple products are tagged with a photo, this ‘Shop Now’ leads to the first tagged photo.

Within your product page, instagram photos are again displayed at the bottom. Visitors can once again click on these images to view them in a magnified manner. 

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