1. Request Permission from Customers

When a photo is uploaded by your customer, we cannot simply go ahead and showcase it in websites. It is always better to request permission from your customers as some customers may not be interested in getting their photos on other websites. Hence, a process to get this permission becomes very important.   

Once a photo is clicked, it is zoomed into the next screen. 


Some photos may not be appropriate to be shown in websites. When you find such photos, we provide an option to reject such photos. When the ‘Reject’ button is clicked, this photo gets rejected. This ensures that inappropriate photos are filtered and not shown in websites.

Request Permission:

Once you decide to showcase a photo in your website, it is advisable to acquire permission from your customer. This ‘Request Permission’ has a default message that asks customers to reply back with a hashtag as an approval to use their photos. 

This message is editable and you can customize this message to suit your audiences.

This message gets posted in Instagram as a reply to the user’s photo. Learn more about collecting more picture reviews for your store. 

  1. Customer Response

Once the customer receives the message, he can read them and reply back to them with a hashtag or a simple ‘Yes’ or some other message that conveys his approval. Once the approval is received, it is updated in the system below the message. Based on the reply, your moderator can publish this photo on your website.

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