Instagram is a social networking app which is used to share photos and videos. Around 1/3rd of Instagram users purchase products online through Instagram. Hence, photos from Instagram play a vital role in sales today. It increases customer trust, thereby improving traffic. When you showcase photos of customers with your products, it automatically leads to an uptick in revenues. This feature helps you to add more credibility to your products. 

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Promote Instagram reviews of your products on your ecommerce platform

  2. Add more authenticity and credibility to your products

  3. Build trust and increase revenues from customers

  4. Recognize customers who promote your products on Instagram by posting their photos with your product on your website

  5. Encourage customers to provide Instagram reviews by giving them additional coupons

Feature Specification:

  1. Connect to FaceBook Business Manager

  2. Connect Instagram Account to FaceBook Business Manager

  3. Instagram Settings in Reviews

  4. Import Images from Instagram

  5. Request Permission from Customers

  6. Approve and send Thank You messages to customers

  7. Tag products to approved photos

  8. Publish Instagram photos on your website

  1. Connect to Facebook Business Manager:

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, it is mandatory to connect your Facebook business account to enable instagram integration. To achieve this, login to TargetBay.

  1. Goto ---> Reviews & QA ---> Integrations ---> Facebook Reviews Tab

  1. Click Facebook Reviews tab---> Login to Facebook and provide access to your page.

  1. Once access is allowed, you will get a ‘successful notification’ in your TargetBay dashboard. Your Facebook account is successfully connected to TargetBay app.

  1. Connect Instagram Account to Facebook Business Manager

Once Facebook is successful, go ahead with Instagram account integration. 

  1. Goto Reviews ---> Integrations ---> Click Instagram Photos

  2. Select an Instagram account associated with your business account [To know how to connect your Instagram business account to Facebook Business Manager, check https://help.instagram.com/356902681064399]

  3. Set up your account and complete the process

  4. All your Instagram photos (your photos and tagged photos) will be automatically uploaded into your TargetBay account for authentication

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