Coupons provide incentives to customers for new purchase orders placed on your store. In today’s world, coupons play a significant role in your marketing strategy. Reviews act as a free marketing tool for companies. Hence, companies are spending marketing expenses on coupons as it increases the likelihood of getting customer reviews. Encourage your customers to write reviews by providing coupons.


TargetBay doesn't generate coupons. You have to create coupons and add it to your account in TargetBay. Coupons can be static or dynamic.

When coupons are enabled, customers receive emails with coupon code either immediately after submitting reviews or after it is approved. They can avail discounts on products available within your website. Coupons typically have an expiry date. Hence, customers cannot avail discount after the mentioned expiry date. TargetBay also sends emails to remind customers about coupon expiry. To understand more about Review Coupon Reminders, please click here.

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Helps you to collect more reviews and improve your customer trust

  2. Get your customers who haven't visited your store in a while to get back to your store

  3. Generate additional sales from existing customers

  4. Encourage your customers to try new products and brands

  5. Coupons drive traffic to your site. This helps you to showcase and sell other non-discounted products as well

To understand how to add new coupons? Click here.

Review coupons are used to encourage customers to submit their reviews. You can setup review coupon for Review Request Emails —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.

  2. Now click ‘Review & QA’ on the top menu.

     3. Under ‘Review & QA’, click Features.

     4.  In Features, click 'Review Coupons'.

     5. Enable Coupons.

     6.  By default, a template will be shown. Design the template as per your requirement using the General and Custom widgets (drag and drop).

     6.  By default, a template will be displayed. Email content can be edited and changed based on your requirements. Every area can be selected and a widget is displayed on the left. This widget can be used to edit content. This widget has padding, style and content. Padding is used to create spacing in your email (across all corners). Whereas, style provides various formatting options which can be used to personalize emails and alter the way in which your email is perceived. Content is an area where you can edit content that is a part of your email. On the left, there are two widgets - General, and Custom. To know more about widgets click here.

This email has 8 essential areas:

  • Subject

  • From Name

  • From Email

  • Reply To Email

  • Header

  • Message

  • Discount Value

  • Coupon Code

  • Shop Now button

In header, add your company logo. Image size can be adjusted. Additionally, you can add text as menu and links below your logo. It helps you to connect your brand with your customers. You can edit text, font, style as and when required. 

This button allows you to enable menu on mobile view. If you turn this off, you can avoid showing too much information when a customer views your data on mobile.


Message section contains a ‘Content Editor’. You can edit the default message sent to customers for coupons. This can be customized with changes in font, structure, content and can be sent to your customers.

Short Code



First Name of your customer


Product purchased by the customer

Discount Value:

Coupons offer discount. Next section of your email contains this discount amount. It can be mentioned either as a fixed amount or as a percentage value on a product cost.

Coupon Code:

Coupon Code is a manual code or a computer generated code that is used to validate and avail discounts on products. Coupon codes can be a combination of alphabets, numeric and special characters. They can be static or dynamic. While static coupons have the same code, dynamic coupons are unique.


Footer is displayed to add social media links, address, contact number, unsubscribe button etc. Social media link is important as it helps you to bring your customers to follow your social media pages. This improves your brand visibility across different platforms. Mere presence of your social media link is highly efficient in bringing more followers. Adding your contact number helps customers to interact instantly with you. An editor is available to make changes to your footer whenever needed. You can use custom widgets to create new footers which can be directly used in your email. To learn more about creating new custom widgets, click here.

After finalizing the template, click on the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner.

Customize From Name, From email, Reply to and Subject.

Send Email:

  • On Submission - Emails are sent straight after a customer submits a review

  • On Approval - Emails are sent only after a review is approved in review management section

Choose the option that is suitable for your requirement.

Coupon Selection:

All the added coupons are available in the ‘Select Coupon’ section. You can select the coupon that you want to send to your customers. Based on refill rate, you will receive notification whenever coupon limit crosses the threshold limit.

Once you have completed all the settings, click ‘Save’ and choose ‘Enable’ ON.

To remind your customers about coupons before expiry date, use ‘Review Coupons Reminder’ here.

If you are on Magento, you can get free reviews and use our Magento Reviews Plugin to set up Review Request Emails here.

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