The Following Steps Will Help You Import Product Rating Feed To Your Google Shopping Ads

Step 1: Login to Google Merchant Center

Step 2: Click on Product Reviews tab found on the left navigation bar

Note: If you don’t find product reviews, then you need to fill out the Product Rating Interest Form by Google. This will import the ratings from your product page to the Google Merchant Feed.

Step 3: Then click on ‘+’ icon found under Feeds

Step 4: To register a new feed, use the following input

  • Mode: Standard

  • Type: Product Reviews

  • Feed Name:

Click Continue

Step 5: Choose the input method by choosing Scheduled Fetch and click Continue

Step 6: Set up the feed with the following information

  • File Name: pubkey-###########.xml (should be the filename of File URL)

  • Fetch Frequency: Daily

  • Fetch time: 12:00 AM

  • File URL: Give the qualified URL to access your file.( For example –

If the file is protected with username and password, please define them, else you can leave the following two options empty.

  • User Name: If user name is required to login to the file URL, then key in the User Name

  • Password: If a password is required to login to the file URL, then key in the Password

Step 7: Click Save to complete the process.

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