If you want to convert a one-off shopper or a first-time buyer into a loyal customer, choose Browse Abandonment Email.

To setup Browse abandonment email —

1. Log into TargetBay's app store by entering the correct credentials.
(To access TargetBay's app store https://app.targetbay.com/)

2. Navigate to the option "Emails" in the 'menu bar' of TargetBay dashboard and select the option "Automations" from the drop-down menu and select the option "Create Trigger" on the top right-hand side corner of the page.

3. Choose "Browse Abandonment" and click "Next" at the bottom-right corner of the page.

4. Assign a name for the email trigger; by default, it is "Browse Abandonment."

5. Select "Send to all users" or "Send to segmented user" from the option displayed. Recommended choosing all users to browse abandonment emails.

6. Choose the start date for the email trigger. It is recommended not to select the end date for browse abandonment triggers since it should be a repetitive and continuous event. Click "Next."

7. In the Create Workflow sections, by default, three columns are available. The first column consists of Workflow name, user type choices, and date.

8. The second column includes three parameters: Select, event name as "Browse Abandonment" by default, an operator with "Equal" as default, and value "Yes" as default. The third column has a template and trigger time.

Intended for follow up emails, click the small '+' symbol, and Follow up (Level 1) will pop up automatically. We recommend the first Follow up to be 'Conversion' condition. For Conversion – Yes, choose 'No action' and for Conversion – No, choose Abandoned Cart – Follow up the template and '1 Day' for trigger time.

Click '+' to send more 'Follow up' emails. The trigger time should be more than '1 Day' for consecutive follow-ups.

9. Once you have configured the desired workflow, choose Save, Save & Close, or Publish as required.

· Save option will save the workflow and remain on the same screen.

· Save & Close option will save the workflow and move to the list page.

· Publish will publish the workflow and move to the list page.

Note: On the list page, one can find the created email trigger.

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