To setup email on popup submission for welcome email,

a. For Welcome Email

Prior to setting up email, create a pop-up template.

To setup email on pop-up submission for welcome email —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials
  2. Now, click ‘Messages’ on the left-side menu.

     3.  Under Messages, there are two options: Templates and Workflow. Click ‘Workflow’ and wait till the page loads. Now, click ‘Create Message Workflow’.

     4.  In basic details, assign a name for the workflow and select ‘First time user’.

     5.  In Targeting, select the Welcome Email template that you have already created and select ‘Send Email’. Now, choose ‘Welcome email’ from the drop box. Only then, welcome pop-up email trigger will be created. There is no need to show thank you message.

     6.  Under Events section, choose ‘Logged in’, ‘Equal’ for Operator and ‘No’ for Value.

     7.  Under ‘When to show’ section, three options are available.

  • ‘Enable leave intent targeting’ will show the popup, the moment customer is about to leave.
  • ‘Enter duration’ can be set when you want to throw the popup after sometime.
  • ‘Enter scroll’ option can be chosen if you want popup to appear after customer scrolls a specific percentage of the page. For welcome popup, choose ‘Enter duration’ and specify the time in seconds.

     8.  For Page URL, there are two options: All or Single Page. For ‘All’ Pages, the ‘Operator’ and ‘Value’ will be disabled. For ‘Single Page’, choose appropriate Operator and Value.

     9.  For Time of Day, choose the time zone as per your requirement.

     10.  In Popup session, select ‘Once in a Session’ and for Settings Priority, choose ‘Medium’.

     11.  Select the date range and click ‘Save’, ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Publish’.

     12.  Once done, go to email triggers, check for welcome pop-up email triggers

     13.  Click on Welcome Pop-up and verify whether the Event is ‘Popup submission’, Set Templates input as is ‘Welcome email’ and the Trigger time is set to ‘Immediate’.

To know more about setting up workflow, check Message workflow section here.

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