To configure pop up triggers, first navigate to Messages > Workflow on the TargetBay Dashboard

Message Workflow is where set conditions for which the pop up is to appear. To create a new workflow, click on Create Message Workflow

Let’s configure a welcome pop up to greet out first time visitors.

Workflow Name: Welcome Pop Up

Select Users: Here we have three options:

  • All Users: If we want the popup to be displayed to all users.

  • First Time User: The pop up will be displayed to users who land on your website for the very first time.

  • Segment Users: Only for a particular segment you create. You can choose the desired segment to display the pop up.

Since welcome pop ups are mostly for first time users, we select it.

Targeting: Choose the pop up template you have created from the drop down menu.

Show Thank You Message: If you are collecting user’s contact detail in the pop up, choose Yes to thank users for their information. But for our current pop up scenario, we can set it as No

Show Notification: Gives you an alert everything a pop up is triggered. You can select it if you have a campaign running and to calculate the ROI for the campaign.

Events: Choose the scenario under which the pop up is to be displayed to users. Since we want to welcome all of our new users, we can choose Event as Signed Up and set operator as equal and value to be your No.

This means that once the new customer visits the home page and doesn’t sign up, the pop up will be triggered.

When To Show: Certain pop ups can be triggered under special condition. For welcome pop up we can ignore these sections, but these are extremely useful when you are looking to set up campaigns such as shopping cart abandonment and improve website subscription.

Intent Targeting

By checking on enable leave intent targeting, you can trigger pop ups to customers who are closing your site’s tab/window.

By checking Enter duration (in seconds) : You can set the number the seconds after which the pop up will be triggered. If you enter 10 in the field, the pop up will be triggered after 10 seconds.

By checking Enter scroll (in percentage) and giving value as 50% will display the pop up after the visitor scrolls through 50% of the web page.

Page URL

You can either select a particular page to target users or all pages. This works best when you have a special landing page to promote a campaign.

Time Of Day

Choose the right Timezone to market to your audience. This can greatly help if you are running time sensitive campaigns.


This section helps you set the priority of the particular pop up campaign. When you have multiple behavioral targeting campaign, the TargetBay system checks the priority status to target customers with the right message.

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