You can enable onsite recommendations —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.
  2. Now click ‘Recommendations’ on the left-side menu. Click ‘On-Site Recommendations’.

     3. Click ‘Create Recommendations’. There are five page types.

     4. Select a particular page type. Click Next.

     5. There are five Recommended types. Select appropriate type and Click Next.

     6. Under Visual Settings, choose an appropriate recommendation title. For customization, create a different template separately according to the respective page. You have to create templates from ‘Recommendation Templates.

     7. In Fallback Settings, if recommendation engine fails to load the selected option, as an alternate, TargetBay will show the most viewed item.

     8. In Static Products, if you would like to add your own products, you can add them in ‘Static and ‘Enable’ it.

     9.  You will have a Summary page to recheck after which, you can either ‘Save As Draft’ or ‘Save and Activate’.

     10. For Product Page, there are many recommendation types like ‘Browsing history’, ‘Most rated items’ and ‘Other users also bought’. But Visual Settings, Fallback Settings and Static Products are the same.

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