Enable onsite recommendations —

     1. Log into TargetBay's app store by entering the correct credentials.
     (To access TargetBay's app store https://app.targetbay.com/).

     2. Navigate to the "Recommendations" in the 'menu bar' of TargetBay dashboard        and select the option "Onsite Recommendations" from the drop-down menu and          select the option "Create Recommendation" on the top right-hand side corner of         the page. 

     3. Select the required page type and click on "Next."

     4. Select the appropriate recommendation type and click on "Next."

     5. Under Visual Settings, choose a recommendation title and select the                         appropriate template created already.

Note: To know more about template creation. Click here

     6. Under Fallback Settings, Select the default option "Most Viewed Items,"  If a              recommendation engine fails to load the selected option, as an alternate,                      TargetBay will show the most viewed item.

     7. Under Static Products, add the products which intended to display as static in           the recommendation and 'Enable' it.

     8. Under Exclude Products, exclude the products that you don't want to display in         the recommendation widget and 'Enable' it. Now click on "Next."

     9. The summary page gives a glimpse. There are two options provided either to            "Save as Draft" or "Save and Active." Select appropriately.  

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