TargetBay recommends different types of product recommendations. They are as follows:

Based On Customer Browsing History

TargetBay records customer’s navigation from the very first time they land on the website. This helps us give intelligent and relevant product recommendation to our customers. By choosing to provide recommendations based on customer browsing history, only the products visited by the customers will be displayed to them.

Based On Popularity

You are sure to have some product that most customer’s love and buy. Showcase such hot selling products to your customers by recommending the best selling merchandise.

Based On Order Placed

Start up selling and cross selling products based on the product added to the cart or order placed. This will help increase the cart value drastically.

Personalized Recommendation

TargetBay personalization tool understands what the customer likes by analyzing their navigational pattern. This helps you provide personalized recommendation based on their preference and liking.

Landing Page Recommendation

Have you built a landing page to promote a campaign? Make tailor made product recommendation on the landing page to improve ROI with TargetBay.Recommendation will be purely based on customer’s interest.

Recommend On Pop Ups

TargetBay lets you improve product discovery by making personalized product recommendations on each pop up displayed to customers. Such pop ups greatly improve up selling and cross selling.

Recommend On Personalized Emails

You are sure to send out promotional emails, include personalized recommendation to improve click through rate and ROI.

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