1. Log into TargetBay's app store by entering the correct credentials.
     (To access TargetBay's app store https://app.targetbay.com/)

     2. Navigate to the "Emails" in the 'menu bar' of TargetBay dashboard and select            the option "Templates" from the drop-down menu.

     3. Modify the existing templates that are made available by clicking on to the                templates, or create your template by clicking "Create Template".

     4. Basic mailer templates will be available and select any of them that would suit           your taste.

     5. If you choose not to select either of the templates, TargetBay has a fantastic             option to code your HTML mailer by clicking "Paste In Code."

     6. These mailers can be customised from Header to Footer, and select a theme             that serves the purpose of the mailer, e.g., viewed products or abandons product         or refill products.

     7. Drag and drop to add images, videos, and social media links to the template by         making use of the options that are available on the left-hand side.

     8. On completing the above steps, you can configure the Email details by clicking        on the "+" button on the right-hand side.

     9. These mailers are responsive, and they support Microsoft Outlook as well.

On designing the email template, you can save the template and send a test mail to check the look and feel of the template.

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