Most eCommerce customers are cost sensitive. So, “price drop” emails are welcomed and eagerly awaited. Automate price drop alerts mailers and don’t lose this valuable opportunity to improve your eCommerce conversion rate.

To setup Price Drop Alert Email —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials
  2. Now, click ‘Email’ on the left-side menu.

     3. Under ‘Email’, there are two options: ‘Templates’ and ‘Email triggers’. Click ‘Email        triggers’.
     4. Click ‘Create Trigger’.

      5. Choose ‘Price Drop’ alert and click ‘Next’ located at the bottom-right corner.
       Price Drop

        6. Create an email trigger name and select the subscribers. Then, choose a start          date and also set an end date. Click ‘Next’.

         7. In Basic Details’ section, create a name for the workflow and select the user                  type. Select the date from which the Price Drop trigger should be sent to the                customer. Also, choose the end date because it is not recommended to send                price drop trigger repeatedly.

           8. Select the condition by choosing the event as ‘Price Drop Alert’ or any other              appropriate condition. Select the user profile, price drop percentage and                        mention the days since the customer was last engaged with the product.

           9. Select the template as ‘Price Drop’ and choose ‘Save’, ‘Save & Close’ or        ‘Publish’.

Save And Publish
‘Save’ option will save the workflow and remain in same screen.
‘Save & Close’ option will save the workflow and move to list page.
‘Publish’ option will publish the workflow and move to list page.
     10. Once done, go back to ‘Email Triggers’ section and check the created Price              Drop trigger.

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