Surprise customers with personalised wishes and offers and help create memorable experiences. Automate anniversary email alerts and don’t miss out a single opportunity to improve conversions.

To setup Signup Anniversary Emails —

     1. Log into TargetBay's app store by entering the correct credentials.
     (To access TargetBay's app store

     2. Navigate to the option "Emails" in the "menu bar" of TargetBay dashboard and          select the option "Automations" from the drop-down menu.

     3. Now select the option "Create Trigger" on the right-hand side corner of the               page.

     4. Choose "Sign Up Anniversary" and click "Next" at the bottom-right corner of the      page.

     5. Assign a name for the email trigger; by default, it is "Signup Anniversary."

     6. Select "Send to all users" or "Send to segmented user" from the option                     displayed.

     7. Choose the start date for the email trigger. Choose the end date if required. Click      "Next."  

     8. Select condition by choosing the event "Anniversary reminder" or any other              appropriate condition and Value as "Yes." 

     9. Select the template which already created and select "Save," "Save & Close," or        "Publish" as required.

'Save' option will save the workflow and remain on the same screen.

'Save & Close' option will save the workflow and move to the list page.

'Publish' will publish the workflow and move to the list page.

Note: On the list page, one can find the created email trigger. 

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