Let customers know that their favorite products are back in stock. This improves your email open rate and drives customers back to your website.

To setup ‘Back in Stock’ email trigger —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials
  2. Now, click ‘Email’ on the left-side menu.
  1. Under ‘Email’, there are two options: ‘Templates’ and ‘Email triggers’. Click ‘Email triggers’.
  2. Click ‘Create Trigger’.
  1. Scroll down and choose ‘Re-order Emails’ and click ‘Next’ located at the bottom-right corner.
  1. Create a name for the trigger and select the subscribers. Select the start date for the ‘Back In Stock’ email trigger. If needed, choose the end date. Then, click ‘Next’.
  1. In Basic Details’ section, create a name for the workflow and select the user type. Select the start date of the Back In Stock email trigger. If required, choose the end date.
  2. Select the condition as ‘Back In Stock’. Then, choose ‘Yes’ for ‘Value’.
  1. Now, in the ‘Select Action’ section, choose the appropriate Message template, Notification template, Success Template and Failure Template which you have created already. Then, select the number of days to go before stock re-check.
  1. Choose Save, Save & Close or Publish.
  1. Once done, go back to ‘Email Triggers’ section and check the created ‘Back In Stock’ trigger.
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