Review Request Email feature helps you to send automated review request emails to your customers. Whenever a customer places an order, an email is triggered, requesting them to write a review for their recent purchase. Customers can directly write reviews through an in-mail form or can click on an external link to write reviews—this allows you to reach the maximum number of customers and increase the number of reviews collected.

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Generating real user reviews is an essential conversion factor as 70% of shoppers look for customer reviews before making the purchase

  2. Email is one of the most effective ways to request reviews from customers

  3. There is a high chance of collecting reviews through email, especially when you request them after a new order

  4. Emails provide a personal touch as customized emails help you to connect with them and encourage them to provide feedback about your products

How to Setup Review Request Email?

1. Log into TargetBay’s app store by entering the correct credentials.
(To access TargetBay’s app store

2. On the TargetBay dashboard, navigate to ‘Reviews & QA’ on the menu bar and select the ‘Features’ option from the drop-down. Now, select the option “Review Request Emails” from the review tools available.

3. Under the option “Features” toggle the radio button at the right-hand-side corner of the page to enable the Review Request emails.

4. Under setup, customize the following options “From Name,” “From Email,” “Reply-To,” “Email Preview Text,” and “Subject of the Email” if required and click on the option “Next.”

5. Under “Settings,” select the ‘User Type’ as required. The option “All Users” is to send a review request email to all customers who placed an order. Whereas, the option “Segmented Users” is to send an email to only the selected segmented user. We always recommend choosing the option “All Users” for review request emails.

6. Under “Send Email After,” select the type as required. The option “Shipment” will send a review request email after the order is shipped based on the days mentioned below on the option “Get Review After.”

7. Whereas, the option “Order Complete” will send a review request email after the order is placed on the website by the customer based on the day interval mentioned below on the option “Get Review After.”

8. Under “Bulk Purchase Settings:”

  • A maximum number of emails are the total number of emails to be sent for a bulk purchase.

  • The mail interval defines the time interval between emails.

  • Product reviewed has two options, ‘least reviewed product’ and ‘most expensive product.’ We recommended choosing the ‘least reviewed product.’ Now, click on “Next.”

9. Under “Reminders,” toggle the radio button to enable the follow-ups after the first review request email. We can send up to 3 email follow-ups after the first email. If the customer reviews their recent purchase - the remaining follow-ups will be disabled automatically. Now, click on “Next.”

10. Utilise the widgets available under the “General,” “Personalized,” and “Custom” tabs on the left-hand side of the page and design the review request email template. Each component of the widget is editable by a click on it.

11. On designing your template, you can use the options:

· Preview: To view a “Desktop” and “Mobile” preview of the email template.

· Send A Test Email: To test the email template by triggering a test email.

12. Once you are set, you can click on the option “Finish” to activate the review request email.

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