Mail After Shipment feature helps you to send automated emails to your customers. Whenever a customer places an order, an email is triggered and is sent, requesting to write a review. Customers can directly write reviews through in-mail form or can click on an external link to write reviews. This helps you to reach maximum number of users and increase the number of reviews collected.

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Generating real user review is an essential conversion factor as 70% of shoppers look for customer reviews before making the purchase
  2. Email is one of the most effective ways to request reviews from customers
  3. There is a high chance of collecting reviews through email, especially when you request them after a new order
  4. Emails provide a personal touch as customized emails help you to connect with them and encourage them to provide feedback about your products

How to Setup Review Request Email, i.e., Mail After Shipment?

You can setup Review request email, i.e., mail after shipment —

  1. Log into TargetBay’s dashboard by entering the right credentials.
  2. Now click ‘Reviews & QA’ on the left-side menu. Select ‘Tools’.
  1. Click ‘Mail After Shipment’.
  1. On the left, there are three tabs, General, Personalized and Custom. Click ‘Personalized’, drag and drop the review style into the template.
  1. By default, a template will be displayed. Enable Mail After Shipment button.

Email content can be edited and changed based on your requirements. Every area can be selected and a widget is displayed on the left. This widget can be used to edit content. This widget has padding, style and content. Padding is used to create spacing in your email (across all corners). Whereas, style provides various formatting options which can be used to personalize emails and alter the way in which your email is perceived. Content is an area where you can edit content that must be a part of your email.

This email has five essential areas:

  • Header
  • Message
  • Review Form
  • Recommendations
  • Footer

In header, add your company logo. Image size can be adjusted. Additionally, you can add text as menu and links below your logo. It helps you to connect your brand with your customers. You can edit text, font, style as and when required. 

This button allows you to enable menu on mobile view. If you turn this off, you can avoid showing too much information when a customer views your data on mobile.


Message section contains a ‘Content Editor’. You can edit the default message sent to customers for review request. This can be customized with changes in font, structure, content and sent to your customers.

Short Code



First Name of your customer


Product purchased by the customer

Review Form:

Next section contains an embedded review form. Customers can leave their reviews and ratings directly from within their email.

This contains 

  • Product Name
  • Product Photo
  • Rating
  • Review TItle
  • Review Description

While product name and photo are displayed directly in email, rating, title and review description are obtained from customers.


Recommendations are appended to emails to provide 


Footer is displayed to add social media links and contact number. Social media link is important as it helps you to bring your customers to follow your social media pages. This improves your brand visibility across different platforms. Mere presence of your social media link is highly efficient in bringing more followers. Adding your contact number helps customers to interact instantly with you. An editor is available to make changes to your footer whenever needed. 

  1. After finalizing the template, click on the ‘+’ symbol on top right corner.
  1. Customize From Name, From email, Reply to and Subject.
  1. Under ‘Bulk purchase settings’,
  2. Maximum number of emails is the total number of emails to be sent for a bulk purchase.
  3. Mail interval defines the time interval between emails.
  4. Product reviewed has two options, ‘least reviewed product’ and ‘most expensive product’. It is recommended to choose ‘least reviewed product.’
  1. For Email settings, we recommend ‘Shipment’ instead of Order complete and set 2 or 3 days after shipment.
  1. Select user type and for the Follow up settings, choose ‘Follow up 1: ON’ and specify ’10’ days.
  1. Once you have completed all the settings, click ‘Save’ and choose ‘Enable’ ON.
  1. To encourage customers to provide reviews, use ‘Review coupons’ here.
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