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Instagram is a social networking app which is used to share photos and videos. Around 1/3rd of Instagram users purchase products online through Instagram. Hence, photos from Instagram play a vital role in sales today. It increases customer trust, thereby improving traffic. When you showcase photos of customers with your products, it automatically leads to an uptick in revenues. This feature helps you to add more credibility to your products. 

Key benefits of this feature:

  1. Promote Instagram reviews of your products on your ecommerce platform

  2. Add more authenticity and credibility to your products

  3. Build trust and increase revenues from customers

  4. Recognize customers who promote your products on Instagram by posting their photos with your product on your website

  5. Encourage customers to provide Instagram product reviews by giving them additional coupons

Feature Specification:

  1. Connect to FaceBook Business Manager

  2. Connect Instagram Account to FaceBook Business Manager

  3. Instagram Settings in Reviews

  4. Import Images from Instagram

  5. Request Permission from Customers

  6. Approve and send Thank You messages to customers

  7. Tag products to approved photos

  8. Publish Instagram photos on your website

  1. Instagram Settings in Reviews

Go to Reviews & QA---> Settings ---> Instagram Photos

Once you click Instagram photos, it goes to all the instagram accounts associated with this account. You can choose the account that you want to utilize for capturing photos.

  1. Import Images from Instagram

Once the account is mapped, all the photos from your instagram account are automatically uploaded into TargetBay. 

We have three different segments:

  1. Uploaded - this tab contains all the photos uploaded by you in your account

  2. Tagged - this tab contains all the photos that have your account tagged. These are your company’s products typically uploaded by your customers. 

  3. All Photos - this section contains all the photos associated with your Instagram account (Both uploaded and tagged).


Filter is used to segment photos based on buckets. Once a photo is uploaded by your customer, it falls into different buckets based on approval. 


Pending response from Customer

Customer Responded

Photo Approved

When your Instagram account is not integrated, your photos are not uploaded and hence the feed remains empty.

This is after integrating your Instagram account with TargetBay. All the photos are uploaded into your account and are seen. 

  1. Request Permission from Customers

When a photo is uploaded by your customer, we cannot simply go ahead and showcase it in websites. It is always better to request permission from your customers as some customers may not be interested in getting their photos on other websites. Hence, a process to get this permission becomes very important.   

Once a photo is clicked, it is zoomed into the next screen. 


Some photos may not be appropriate to be shown in websites. When you find such photos, we provide an option to reject such photos. When the ‘Reject’ button is clicked, this photo gets rejected. This ensures that inappropriate photos are filtered and not shown in websites.

Request Permission:

Once you decide to showcase a photo in your website, it is advisable to acquire permission from your customer. This ‘Request Permission’ has a default message that asks customers to reply back with a hashtag as an approval to use their photos. 

This message is editable and you can customize this message to suit your audiences.

This message gets posted in Instagram as a reply to the user’s photo.

  1. Customer Response

Once the customer receives the message, he can read them and reply back to them with a hashtag or a simple ‘Yes’ or some other message that conveys his approval. Once the approval is received, it is updated in the system below the message. Based on the reply, your moderator can publish this photo on your website.

  1. Approve and send Thank You messages to customers


Once a customer approval is received, photos can be posted to website. ‘Publish’ button is used to upload these approved photos in your website. If you want to remove this photo from your website, you can use the ‘Unpublish’ button.

  1. Tag products to approved photos

Products can be tagged to these photos. This further increases visibility of individual products and leads to an increase in product sales. Under the ‘Request Permission’ option, there is a drop down with the title ‘Tag a Product’. Products are automatically available in this drop down. You can choose relevant products and tag them to the photo.

Here is an example. Product name search gives you the product and its displayed photo.

Once a product is tagged, it is shown inside the photo details. This instagram photo gets automatically displayed in your product page in your website.
Multiple Product Tagging:

TargetBay allows multiple product tagging. If you want an image to be tagged with multiple products, you can do so by selecting other products. All the tagged products get displayed over here. You can tag upto 3 products with a photo.

  1. Publish Instagram photos on your website

Once a product is approved by the customer, it is available for display on your website. When you press the ‘Publish’ button, the photo is uploaded into the homepage of your website. This provides more credibility and better reach as these are photos from real customers. Whenever a visitor clicks on an image, it is zoomed with a magnified image and instagram message written by the customer along with the photo. Besides, we have a ‘Shop Now’ button on top of the image. If the visitor is interested to know more details about the product, he can click this button to go to the product’s page.

Note: If multiple products are tagged with a photo, this ‘Shop Now’ leads to the first tagged photo.

Within your product page, Instagram photos are again displayed at the bottom. Visitors can once again click on these images to view them in a magnified manner.

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